Ship shape and Bristol festival fashion

It’s hard to believe that 45 years ago, someone had the bright idea of filling in Bristol docks to build a city centre by pass. The port’s salty sea dogs organised a regatta to exercise their navigational rights and possibly the city’s worst idea was quashed.

In the ensuing years , the regatta has transformed into a full blown harbour festival which attracts over 250,000 people who enjoy 6 music stages , a dance village , an area entitled the state of happiness, four markets , a steam railway, visiting ships and boats as well as a host of festival surprises.

This year , Friday and Saturday evening finished with a projection mapping show on the Harbourside’s amphitheatre building which was designed to highlight Bristol’s year as European Green Capital as well as the richness of city life.

The real star of the show is the harbour itself, offering a 2 mile perimeter site with 250 visiting ships and boats. All set around a unique and very beautiful city centre event site.

Never without its challenges but most definitely worth the effort.