REM win Bristol Harbour Festival Contract!


Illuminate Bradford

As the nights get longer and the days get darker, the people of Bradford have come up with a great way of spreading some light into their lives. The city’s historic city centre buildings and modern Mirror Pool were transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour as part of the Illuminate Bradford Festival. One of the […]

Harbour Festival and Fiesta!

Bristol celebrates itself The 46th Bristol Harbour Festival is a celebration of the vibrancy and depth of the artistic and cultural scene that makes Bristol one of the top places to live in the UK. Each year, we work hard to ensure that the harbour itself is the star of the show. Gracing the skyline […]

REM Show Reel

A picture does the work of a thousand words so we have put together a show reel that gives a big picture of what we do , how we do it and why we do it. Enjoy the fruits of our labours and find out how we can turn your plans into reality .

Autumn Trading Opportunities!

Summer may be coming to an end or it may be starting – who really knows ? But we do have trading opportunities at Octoberfest a fantastic family festival held in Basingstoke from 13th-15th October, attracting over 8000 visitors annually. Octoberfest Catering Application Octoberfest Exhibitor Application Or if you fancy something a little more festive […]