Flights of fancy

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2015

Anyone who works on an outdoor event has one eye and one ear on the weather forecast. Never more so than at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta where over 150 pilots all seem to have a slightly different idea of what is around the corner. As it turned out the Fiesta celebrated breaking an event record with hot air balloons flying in all of the 7 scheduled ascents, for the first time in the event’s 37 year history.

Perfect flying conditions meant that the 551 balloon flights took place from the evening of Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th August, in the morning and evening ascents.

Friday’s peaceful early morning balloon flight included the launch of the world’s first certified hybrid-solar powered hot air balloon, developed by Cameron Balloons and funded by Bristol 2015,the balloon marks the city’s status as the UK’s first European Green Capital.

Working in and around the historic Ashton Court Estate always presents a lot of challenges as the Smyth family who built it never really foresaw it being used as the site for one of the UK’s largest outdoor events. Add on to that, the estate’s Special Scientific Interest status with protected trees and insects, the complex traffic management plan, enormous media interest and hundreds of exhibitors, caterers and traders, it all makes for an interesting project. The REM team have years of combined experience and knowledge to make sure any drama is where it’s supposed to be.