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  • "I would like to thank you on behalf of the Trust for all your efforts in ensuring a very successful event on Sunday night. People seem to have really enjoyed it, and we have had nothing but good feedback. Your efforts are much appreciated – not only could we not have done it without you, we wouldn’t have even known where to start! "

    David Anderson, Bridge Master, Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust

Clifton Suspension Bridge 150th Anniversary Fireworks

All the projects that REM are involved in receive a huge amount of care and attention but there are some occasions which provide moments of sheer magic. The firework display to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of Clifton’s Suspension Bridge on December 8th was such an occasion. It had all the elements needed to create high drama – a full moon, a high tide, cold but bright weather a spine tingling sound track and a stunning firework display. The show was watched by 100,000 spectators who showed their affection and respect for Bristol’s most iconic landmark.

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