About us

We are independent, award winning specialists in the creation, production and management of memorable outdoor and indoor events.

The secret of our success is a combination of creativity, sheer hard work, determination, strong financial control, clear communication and a team of highly experienced people who understand what they are doing, and most importantly delivering what our clients actually want.

It sounds easy – but like anything that looks effortless it isn’t really.

The core of our success is communication whether it’s with clients, suppliers, traders, exhibitors or visitors to our events. Whatever you are already doing or planning, the first step is to talk to us. We are friendly, approachable, hard working and know that event management can be stressful. You have already solved some of your problems by reading this far.

Our MD is a Yorkshireman who believes in “making the budget work its socks off” which is probably the most direct mission statement you will ever read.

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